Rock Climbing Grade Conversion Chart

There are several methods of grading how difficult a climb is. Knowing how one method relates to another is sometimes difficult. Below is a chart to help you determine how one method relates to another.

Climbing Bouldering
North America (YDS) Austr. French UIAA UK Hueco UK Font
5.2-3 9-Aug 2-Jan I-II HVD    
5.4-5 12-Oct 3-Feb III MS    
5.6 13- 4 IV S    
5.7 13+ 4+ V- VS    
5.8 14 5a V HVS    
5.9 15 5b V+   V0 B1 4
5.10a 19 6a VI+ E1 5b      
5.10b 19/20 6a+ VI+/VII- E2 5c V0+ B2 4+
5.10c 20 6b VII   V1 B3 5
5.10d 21 6b+ VII+ E3 5c      
5.11a 21/22 6c VII+/VIII-   V2 B4 6a
5.11b 22 6c+ VIII- E4 6a V3   6a+
5.11c/d 23 7a VIII     B5-6  
5.12a 24 7a+ VIII/VIII+ E5 6b V4   6b/c
5.12b 25 7b VIII+   V5   6c
5.12c 26 7b+ IX- E6 6b  V6 B7 6c+
5.12d 27 7c IX       7a
5.13a 28 7c+ IX/IX+   V7 B8 7a+
5.13b 29 8a IX+ E7 6c V8   7b
5.13c 30 8a+ X-     B9 7c
5.13d 31 8b x E8 7a V9    
5.14a 32 8b+ X/X+   V10 B10 7c+
5.14b 33 8c X+ E9 7b V11    
5.14c 34 8c+ XI-   V12/13 B12 8a+
5.14d/5.15 35 9a XI E10 7c